Bath bombs are fabulous, 1000 x better than the high street brand who sell them. They do not leave stains in bath and all of them smell gorgeous! Xx

- Sarah (Manchester)


My girls adore your Charlotte and Violet shower gels, they also bubble up fab in the bath, and I've just tried my first wah wah, omg in hooked!!!!!! Thanks for all your advice Emily, you're a star xxxxx

-Clare (Lancashire)


"I love BubbleOff! products, they make my skin feel so soft"

- Ali (Warrington)


"I think this is the start of a new addiction!!"

- Louise (Stockport)


"I can't believe there is a cream that smells like bubble gum... You've made my life!!"

- Katy (Warrington)


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Tel: 07865000886

Email: info@bubbleoff.co.uk



Who Are We?

BubbleOff! is a small business run by two sisters; Emily and Clare.

We started BubbleOff! making cold pressed soaps (the old fashioned way) as a hobby and gifts for family. We wanted to make products that were natural and suitable for sensitive skin types as well as being animal product free.

We enjoyed experimenting and started to get the hang of blending fragrance and essential oils. Pretty soon our little workshop was smelling like Willy Wonkas' Chocolate Factory with lots of yummy smells and fizzes and bubbles!


What is BubbleOff! about?

- With the help of our chemist and customers, we work hard to produce vegan products that are not only cruelty free, funky, fresh and smell delicious, but are soft and gentle to even the most sensitive skin. We found NO extra benefits to using animal products in skin care than natural oils and butters and felt strongly that our products should be vegan and cruelty free.


- We make all of our products using locally sourced natural ingredients.  ALl of our suppliers have provided certification to prove that their raw ingredients is NOT tested on animals and complies with EU regulations.


- ALL of our products (except our organic beeswax lip balms) are vegan, including our skin creams and serums. (We are currently experimenting with natural waxes)


- We do NOT test our product on animals (just sisters!) and all ingredients used by us is cruelty free.


- We want everyone to be able to enjoy BubbleOff! products and we take time to perfect our recipes to make sure that can happen.



Welcome to BubbleOff! Online

I got bought a selection of your wah wahs and wow!! What an amazing product! I have a skin condition which leaves me with very dry skin which most products can't get rid of! Your wah wah has worked wonders! I feel like a new woman! Thank you! Xx

-Becca (Euxton)


"These ladies are lovely and their skin creams are amazing"

-Sarah (Altrincham)


"These products are GREAT for dry skin"

- Nick (Wigan)


"The Beardy Buff beard oil is great. It leaves my beard soft and my skin feels really smooth."

-James (Altrincham)


Bought Yoof Juice on Saturday...what lovely stuff, my skin feels wonderful and I feel all the better because it is cruelty free and made with natural things. Thanks

-Carol (Lancashire)


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