Newsletter February



After what was an epic Christmas market at Chatsworth, I have been in hibernation for most of January. Apart from taking the dogs out, I have spent most of my time working on new recipes, new branding and fiddling with the website to tidy it up a bit.

You can take a look by clicking here:

I hope you have all got into the swing of 2019 and are ready to make 2019 your best year?

I am going to help you by making 2019 your best skin year!

As this is the official 1st Newsletter that I will be churning out every month, I am going to give you a quick guide.

  1. I won’t be doing a 10 page newsletter filled with crap that you don’t really want to read.
  2. I will try to keep it interesting and on topic (I am known to babble on!).
  3. You can read all of the newsletters on the Blog page of the website (that will eventually be created!)
  4. There will be three sections:
  5. Updates/News
  6. Product Spotlight
  7. Events/Offers/Competitions

This is the first attempt so expect format changes, flashing graphics and 3d interactive newsletters by the end of the year…..nah, I can’t see that happening!

So, let’s get on with it!



Chatsworth was flipping amazing. So many of you came out to visit the little BubbleOff! Cabin and it was lovely to see you all. I did the full 19 days this time and it was hard going but totally worth it. I am so grateful to all of you who supported the Crowdfunder to get me there. I was so happy to send out all of the gift boxes to pledgers when I got back from Chatsworth and make my donations to Rochdale Dog Rescue. You guys are just fab x

I am applying for Christmas 2019 so fingers crossed I get to go to Chatsworth again. I would recommend this market as a great day out (you can even bring the dogs). Chatsworth was voted as the best Christmas market in the UK this year so well worth visiting.



You may notice a few changes with labels and branding over the next few months. I am passing the time-consuming task of printing all of my own labels onto a printing company. You will have seen some of the changes already with fonts I am using and some of the Instagram posts. It’s about time I got this job done properly. I spend so much time perfecting the actual product that branding has taken a back seat for far too long!


Product Spotlight


Yoof Juice!

If you don’t know about Yoof Juice, let me get you up to speed.

THE best selling product of the BubbleOff! Range. The reviews and feedback I get on this product is unreal. Unlike bigger high street brands, Yoof Juice contains high volumes of oils and butters to keep your skin hydrated and help repair dry and damaged skin.

Take a look at couple of the online reviews:

“I recently bought myself jar of Yoof Juice and I LOVE it! It actually melts into my skin rather than just sitting on top of my skin - it feels silky smooth and smells divine. So happy with it was I that I’ve just bought some argan oil and I used it as a night-time moisturiser last night - again, this product just seemed to melt into my skin and this morning my skin feels lovely!

Thank you Bubble Off - keep up the splendid work, my skin and I love you!” -  Jo Underhill

“I needed face cream so chose the yoof cream and I love it! The yoof cream is great, smells gorgeous and unlike the many creams I've tried before I can actually see a difference, more glowing! Will be ordering it again when I run out! Thanks!”  - Danielle Martin

Yoof Juice is the current best selling BubbleOff! Product for 2016-2019. As soon as this stuff is made and put online, it sells out!

The only issue we seem to have with Yoof Juice is making enough of it!

If you haven’t tried this luxurious face cream, get on over to the website to grab yours now.



If you are new to BubbleOff! And have not had the chance to order with us online, we would love to welcome you to the BubbleOff! Family with a 10% discount off your first online order. Use the code: NEWB when checking out for the first time on the website to receive this discount.

Keep an eye on the Instagram and Facebook page for details of monthly offers (this month is a free Fippy Lucker fizz bomb).

Next month we will be doing our 1st competition to win a free B.O.S.H Box. This competition is exclusive to subscribers. The winner must be subscribed to the newsletter and follow either the Facebook page or Instagram page or both.


Well, that’s it! The end of the 1st BubbleOff! Newsletter. I hope it wasn’t to long and you have enjoyed reading.

Keep an eye out for the March Newsletter.