COVID-19 Prevention and Protection Plan

BubbleOff! Pandemic Planning

COVID-19 Prevention and Protection Plan

Since March 2020, we have prioritised changing and updating our methods of sale and contact with customers to follow current government guidelines as well as common sense when producing our products for you.

BubbleOff! is a small business with a very small team. Emily, who makes and packages your products and Clare, Charlotte and Nick who help with postage and delivering your goodies to our stockists.

Due to the nature of our products, we work in a relativley sterile environment. We have, however added the following to our clean down routine which we follow before and after making any product.

Hands washed and also sanitised before entering the prep area.

Changing cleaning spray to alcohol based anti bacterial spray

Wipe down of all equipment, handles, tools, work surfaces with antibacterial wipes after clean down and before any preperation of ingredients.

Mask worn at all times in the prep area.

All packaging to be kept in airtight packaging for 7 days after sterilisation.

All packaging boxes to be kept in airtight crates.

Postage limited to 2 days a week to support social distancing.

Deliveries are contactless.

We follow the above guidelines as part of our work prep on a usual basis but we have added extra sanitiers, more PPE and more consideration to how we work. We have no more than one person in the workshop at one time (we have a small workshop!).