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BubbleOff! is a small batch skincare and fragrance company where all products are Vegan, Cruelty Free and accredited by PETA. (We can be found on the PETA database of Vegan and Cruelty Free companies).
What is BubbleOff! about?
- With the help of our chemist and customers, We work hard to produce vegan products that are not only cruelty free, funky, fresh and smell delicious, but are soft and gentle to even the most sensitive skin.

- We make all products using locally sourced natural ingredients. All of our suppliers have certification to prove that their raw ingredients is NOT tested on animals and complies with EU regulations.

- ALL BubbleOff! products are made in small batches and from recipes we have developed, using oils and butters with renowned skin conditioning properties to help hydrate and balance your skin.

- We do NOT test our product on animals (just sisters!) and all ingredients used by us is cruelty free.

- We want everyone to be able to enjoy BubbleOff! products and we take time to perfect our recipes to make sure that can happen.
Read our customer reviews...

I recently bought myself jar of Yoof Juice and I love it! It actually melts into my skin rather than just sitting on top of my skin - it feels silky smooth and smells divine. So happy with it was I that I’ve just bought some argan oil and I used it as a night time moisturiser last night - again, this product just seemed to melt into my skin and this morning my skin feels lovely! Thank you Bubble Off - keep up the splendid work, my skin and I love you!

- Jo Underhill (Manchester)

My girls adore your Charlotte and Violet shower gels, they also bubble up fab in the bath, and I've just tried my first wah wah, omg in hooked!!!!!! Thanks for all your advice Emily, you're a star xxxxx
-Clare (Lancashire)

"I love BubbleOff! products, they make my skin feel so soft"
- Ali (Warrington)

"I think this is the start of a new addiction!!"
- Louise (Stockport)

"I can't believe there is a cream that smells like bubble gum... You've made my life!!"
- Katy (Warrington)
I got bought a selection of your wah wahs and wow!! What an amazing product! I have a skin condition which leaves me with very dry skin which most products can't get rid of! Your wah wah has worked wonders! I feel like a new woman! Thank you! Xx
-Becca (Euxton)

I met Emily from Bubbleoff at Chatsworth Christmas market and had a great experience with her.
Emily really took her time in helping me find the perfect items suitable for me.
I suffer from psoriasis and have done for 18years. In those 18 years I have only ever found that steroid creams have worked for me...... until I came across Bubble off.

I bought the lavender soap and the massage candles. Together these have really helped my skin to the point I have not needed to use my steroid creams for over a month (first time in nearly 18 years) They have taken away all the scales and have reduced the redness in my skin and the itching as completely gone. Not to mention they all smell amazing no more tar smell that is in most of the skin products I used before.

I would highly recommend bubbleoff and I cannot wait to make my next purchase and going to try some of her other incredible products.

Thank you Emily. - Darryl Cleary

"These products are GREAT for dry skin"
- Nick (Wigan)

"The Beardy Buff beard oil is great. It leaves my beard soft and my skin feels really smooth."
-James (Altrincham)

Bought Yoof Juice on Saturday...what lovely stuff, my skin feels wonderful and I feel all the better because it is cruelty free and made with natural things. Thanks
-Carol (Lancashire)

You can contact us at: info@bubbleoff.co.uk.