Pink Himalayan Bath Salts Gift Set

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Get 2 bottles of our skin conditioning, detoxifying Himalayan bath salts for just £20. These bottles are beautifully packaged with shredded wood, ready to gift.

Enjoy relaxing and unwinding with our beautiful fragrance bath salts. Using locally sourced essential oils, our Himalayan bath salts come with two different blends.

• Lavender essential oil.

This locally sourced essential oil is very strong. We use this oil in our sleep sprays and calm balms. These Lavender salts will help to relax, de stress and get a good nights sleep.

• Grapefruit & Lime. 

A beautiful blend of these citrus oils will help you to rebalance and refresh. A detoxifying bath that leaves you with a refreshed afterglow. 

*All of our packaging is recyclable or compostable.